The Montessori Division Board,
electrified for tablets

With Montessori MatheMAGICs: Dynamic Division children now have access to the genius and simplicity of the Montessori Division Board in a fun, intuitive and play again form.

I can do it on my own!

Independent learning is at the heart of all Montessori materials. With our Division Board, there is no need for teacher or parent explanation. Children just pick it up and go, dividing in ways that appeal to the sensibility of the child, to the child’s imagination and at the child’s own individual level.

Look how far I've got

Go from basic single digit division up to 4th and 5th grade math division with remainders, all in a memorable conceptual form. With novelty around every corner, children are led through the levels with simple spoken instructions and a variety of sensory stimulus. Your child will absorb, divide and summarize without the need for memorization or note taking. Division has never been so clear, or so fun.

Look what I can do!

And true to Montessori, your kids will tidy up their work - but have you ever seen such tidying? A carefully considered balance of fun and learning, concentration and laughing, children are focused and open to enjoy learning.

Designed by Montessorians and thoroughly tested in the classroom and in homes, it's the educational app that children come back to again and again. Your child doesn’t like math? Too early for division? Lacks concentration? You may be surprised.

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